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If you are a frequent flyer who travels for businesses or someone who is traveling for pleasure our goal is to save you money on airline tickets.

Best Price Guarantee

Our prices range from 20%-50% lower than what you can find on major websites. Already found the perfect ticket? No problem, tell us which ticket you would like and we will purchase the same ticket for a cheaper price than what you found online.

  • NYC-TORONTO As low as: $245
  • Philly-NYC As low as: $210
  • NYC-CLEVELAND As low as: $210
  • DALLAS-TORONTO As Low as: $275
  • DFW-AMSTERDAM FIRST CLASS As low as $3,000
  • NYC-TEL AVIV FIRST CLASS As low as $2800
  • DFW-TORONTO FIRST CLASS As low as $500
  • NYC-LAX FIRST CLASS As low as $700

Easy Booking Spot

At the Travel Saver we make it easy, and personable to book with us. With these 4 simple steps you will be on your way to saving money.

  • Step 1 Email us your desired travel plans
  • Step 2 We process your request
  • Step 3 We get back with you in a timely fashion
  • Step 4 Book your flight

Our goal is not only to save you the most money on your travel but to make the booking process simple and personable.

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